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RADIOPHONE Cellular Telephone Programming Information The authoritative Internet source.

RadioPhone Presents:

Monitoring Cellular System Data streams. - i.e., with "DDI" boxes.

GSM - International digital cellular

CDPD means data transmission over AMPS cellular.

Brian Oblivion's Cellular Telephony Files:

Other tutorials & general cellular information

Cellular Utilities Misc. Programs related to cellular.

Pager protocols, web interfaces, reprogramming

More technical information.

Miscellaneous Cellular-related Web Pages.

If you want to read boring business propaganda from some telecommunications companies who really don't seem to understand that you have to provide some information of value on a web page, go ahead.

If the UnaBomber prevails and we return to wild nature...can I still 
have my carphone?

Links to Other sites:

MoToRoLa's (The hacker, not the corporation) Page, Cellular programming files. Page Down! Maintainer being sued by Motorola, Inc.

"If Cellular Clones are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cellular Clones" - A legal critique of the FCC prohibition of ESN modifications

Cool8's U.K. Cellular Web Page

GTE Mobilenet continues their on-line game (in which one has to track a cellular hacker) in "HackerX" Victorious II

ColdFire's page on U.K. phone phreaking

Why we should stop the spectrum auctions and advance to spread spectrum and other modern radio technologies. part 1 part 2

Operation Cybersnare - more info on the Celco 51 BBS Bust/Sting

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